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35 Millionen Matratzen

35 million mattresses are thrown away in Europe every year. Mattresses are one of the main causes of household waste landfills worldwide due to the complex composition of the materials bonded together. Many mattresses end up in landfill, two-thirds of them are incinerated. ​ In this animated film, the problem is used as a canvas for the solution.


Almost 400 discarded mattresses play the leading role. By hand-painting these mattresses with water-based blue paint, a stop-motion film was created with and on discarded mattresses. We were commissioned to create the illustrations as the basis for this film.


The illustrations should be technically easy to animate, but be able to clearly depict the story.


A high-contrast, reduced but realistic "handmade" look that goes well with the mattresses as a background.

Client: Koninklijke Auping

Services: Styleframes, Illustration, visual concept


Agency: Buutvrij for life

Production Company: Shop Around

Production Manager: Eva Wulp

Illustrations: Van Data

Animations: Ka-Ching

DOP, direction & Postproduction: Encrite

Music: Bart van der Elst

Sound Design: Loudness

Making-off video: Nozem

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