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Corporate values

How the employees of a company behave and which rules they follow is anchored in the corporate culture. Values ​​and norms reveal a lot about identity. Appreciation, openness, responsibility and integrity are Audi's corporate values. These values ​​make it clear that the Audi Group relies on teamwork, dares to try new things and lives diversity. In addition, Audi has set itself the goal of being a company that bears responsibility – for the environment and society.
The new corporate values ​​should be visualized so that it is easier for employees to see everything at a glance and to identify with it.
In the form of sketch notes, we have interpreted the respective values ​​in a playful, illustrative and typographic way. This resulted in a diagram that can be used in communication both as a whole and in individual parts.

Client: Audi

Services: Illustration, visual concept


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